Beau Constantia Ronald Vodka

R 450-00

This is a very special collaboration between Guy Munton Private Artisanal Distiller and Beau Constantia, with the main focus being to create a Vodka that is timeless and elegant. As we are a wine farm, we decided to have two bespoke grain Vodkas.

This is a Vodka designed as a ‘sipping-Vodka’; perfect when served on ice, though it also marries well with a good quality Soda Water. Ingredients and aromatics infused are: Naartjie, Saffron, Bergamot and 23ct Gold Leaf.


Alcohol: 43 % VOL


This Amber Vodka with Naartjie, Saffron and Bergamot infusions, embellished with Gold Leaf, is aptly named after Cecily’s father, RONALD. He was a bright, well traveled, man with a zest for life that is embodied in the colour of the Vodka. With these qualities in mind, Guy Munton Private Artisanal Distiller has dedicated his time and passion to bring you this environmentally friendly produced Vodka. Bedazzle your tastebuds by sipping slowly to appreciate the elegance and versatility of this Vodka.

Alc: 43% VOL