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The Creative Batch is a wine that gives us the opportunity to explore the vineyards of the greater Western Cape and our winemaker got really wacky with this one!

The 2022 Creative Batch (v3.0) is a blend of Chenin Blanc, Roussanne, Colombar, Clairette Blanche and Viognier, all treated differently to honour each variety’s individual potential as a wine.

Join us in the journey of discovery by cracking the seal on this creative offering!


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Words from our winemaker, Megan:

The Vintage

We first started our journey with the Creative Batch project in turbulent times during the 2020 pandemic-driven prohibition, where v1.0 was born. As with all mediums of expression, such as writing, we believe the first draft is the most important. It requires you to tap into your intuition and create with your heart. From there, it’s all about the art of revision.

This wine is all about the journey of discovery. Perhaps, because we travel very far to bring all the parcels together under one roof. Perhaps, because we physically get to explore the Western Cape and the stories told by hidden blocks and their keepers along the way. And perhaps, most importantly, because it takes me on a spiritual, cognitive journey as a winemaker in search of her roots through the preservation of fruit. The Creative Batch has changed massively over the last year, but who hasn’t? Each year comes with its own set of circumstances and each year I strive to adapt to my environment as well as some of the older blocks that essentially make this wine.

The Wine

The 2022 is nervous and appreciates an encouraging swirl before opening up. At first the nose shows citrus zest, which in time unravels into sweet, yet bright, mandarin and the lively spices that will always show in the Creative Batch due to the Overhex fruit. Cardamon, cumin and ginger are strange characters for a white wine with no time in new oak, yet it perfectly seasons this melting pot that cleans the palate with a pithy finish. If you have, at this stage, not yet started peeling away at waxy, terpene-like layers of orange oil and juniper berries, patiently put your glass aside and revisit it later. Good things take time, and this vintage will age beautifully.

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