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Pas de Nom meaning Without Name is something so sublime that it could be inspired by an individual of character, strength and temerity. This range is a tribute to our late farm manager, Japie Bronn, who has been instrumental in developing the vineyards on some of the steepest slopes in the Cape. His commitment to quality as a wine grower is admirable and beyond reproach.











Words from our winemaker, Megan:

The Vintage

Winter leading up to the 2022 harvest was warmer than usual, though the season provided sufficient cold units and rainfall to fill soil reserves. August was cooler than the last five seasons, and we entered Spring on the back of an intense cold front. These wet, cold soil conditions led to bud break being 10 days late. The initial growth throughout September was slow. A warmer October accelerated growth and by the time of flowering, reproductive growth was only around 5 days behind. Rain and heat through November led to increased vegetative growth – meaning increased suckering to allow for better air movement in the bunch zone, and come veraison we experienced rolling heatwaves. Though buffered by our Oceanic climate, it was still far warmer than in prior years. We also experienced strangely inconsistent cold spells, breaking the various heat-cycles.

The Wine

During the early morning hours of 8 March, 300 crates of tiny bunches were hand picked from a sandy site with an ocean view in Darling. They were cooled overnight before being crushed and destemmed for a 16 hour skin soak, before being pressed. 17% of the fruit went to old oak and the remainder portion to an inert stainless steel tank. The juice fermented under guidance of a thiol driven yeast strain and cold temperature. In these vessels the juice fermented and the resultant wines spent 9 months on the gross lees before being blended together and bottled. We lightly stirred the lees six times during this maturation process, and the final product’s texture speaks to this action. The wine has a bright, lime green tinge on the eye that effortlessly translates to green melon on the nose. A creamy, yet saline palate finds balance through its vibrant acidity and clean finish. Enjoy this offering on its own, or accompanied by fresh summer fruit.

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