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Pas de Nom meaning Without Name is something so sublime that it could be inspired by an individual of character, strength and temerity. This range is a tribute to our late farm manager, Japie Bronn, who has been instrumental in developing the vineyards on some of the steepest slopes in the Cape. His commitment to quality as a wine grower is admirable and beyond reproach.











Words from our winemaker, Megan:

The Vintage

Going into the 2023 season on the back of a slightly “drier” winter and warmer spring, bud break occurred early. There was no real disease pressure during Spring through early summer and flowering followed the early season, luckily just after receiving some rain. Though we were grateful to receive some rain right before flowering, this rain combined with additional heat during October led to increased vegetative growth resulting in increased humidity within the canopy – meaning a season of increased suckering to allow for air movement and better spray penetration in the bunch zone. Bunches set more loosely, and though berry size remained consistent, bunches were lighter. Mid-December rains led to soil reserves being filled and another spike in vegetative growth. It was dry from late December through January, with a welcome bit of rain on the 25th just to allow for extra hang time during an otherwise early season. February showed textbook conditions and we were very happy with this crop showing beautiful phenolic ripeness at lower sugar levels and higher than average acid concentrations.

The Wine

This wine was carefully crafted from grapes grown against the mountainous slopes of the diverse Western Cape. This year’s blend of 61% Sauvignon blanc and 39% Sémillon provides dense textural layers to peel away at. To retain the fresh and delicate aromas that have become characteristic of this offering, both portions were fermented at a cool temperature in stainless steel. After fermentation the final wine was allowed to remain on its gross lees for 6 months to add some fleshy texture to the vibrant medium before a light filtration pre-bottling. On the eye, a lightly golden/ -straw hue. The nose boasts upfront aromas of lemon-grass before settling into more delicate floral notes and that of white peach. The palate echoes lemon verbena and nectarine, as well as hints of honey-suckle. The higher percentage of Sémillon is most noticeable and lends a waxy texture that naturally balances the Sauvignon blanc’s racy acidity. The vibrant finish lingers and demands another sip. Enjoy this wine with excellent company, or a fresh, green, summer salad.

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