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Pas de Nom meaning Without Name is something so sublime that it could be inspired by an individual of character, strength and temerity. This range is a tribute to our late farm manager, Japie Bronn, who has been instrumental in developing the vineyards on some of the steepest slopes in the Cape. His commitment to quality as a wine grower is admirable and beyond reproach.

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Words from our winemaker, Megan:

The Vintage

Following the severe Cape Drought, by the winter season leading up to 2021 most of our water resources were sufficiently replenished. This contributed to healthy, homogenous vine growth seen early on in the vintage, but called for some serious canopy management later on. Weather conditions throughout the season were cooler than usual, which led to harvest starting about two weeks later and hang times stretching well into the last days of April to achieve full ripeness. Long hang time and slow ripening with meticulous attention in the vineyards to combat disease led to good colour development, low pH and naturally high acidities.

The Wine

This wine has been carefully crafted from grapes that grow in cool climate pockets of the greater Western Cape.

Fermentation in stainless steel preserves the intense flavours that a growing season like this one could produce, and allows for us to control the fermentation temperature optimally. We kept the ferment slow at a very low temperature to maximise fruit potential and ended up with a wine that sings of ripe melon, lemon and tropical fruit.

The palate has a rich texture and a fresh acidity that provides a long, lively finish.

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